Thursday, December 14, 2006

Hardware Review ( iHome Boombox iH30/31 )

The iHome Boombox ( Style H30/H31 ) is one hell of a boombox. Its normal price is about $180 but I got it for an amazing price of only $75 at Kohls.

The quality of the speakers is pretty good. It has decent bass, and you can hear the music well, and this baby gets LOUD. But, much like the other boombox I reviewed, there is distorting noise in the background from the speakers. Not terribly annoying, but it's there.

There is also an FM radio on this boombox. The reception is great, and it doesn't even have an antenna. It does take a few seconds to read the signals, but once the station is in, it almost always sounds great.

The look of the iHome Boombox is what I'd call different. It's a pretty plain design, but it does look a lot better in black. There are two round speakers, and there is a case that you put your iPod behind in the middle. It looks, to me, more girl-ish, but it is pretty good looking I guess.

Overall, this is one AMAZING boombox for your iPod. It has good sound, it was for me a freakishly good deal, the remote control that comes with it works very well and is very responsive for the most part. This had to be the best overall boombox out there for the daily iPod user.


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