Monday, December 04, 2006

DVD Review ( Friends: Season 3 )

Friends: Seasons 1 and 2 were really good seasons, and season 3 is just as good.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy: 4/5 Monica tries to get over Richard; Rachel pursues Ross' fantasy.

The One Where No One Is Ready: 4/5 Ross has to wait for everyone to get dressed for an important night at the museum.

The One With The Jam: 4/5 Monica makes jam to get over Richard; Joey injures his arm; Phoebe dates her sister's stalker.

The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel: 4/5 Chandler scares Janice to show his commitment; Phoebe pretends to be Chandler's agent; Ben plays with a Barbie.

The One With Frank Jr.: 4/5 Phoebe attempts to learn more about her half-brother; Joey tries home improvement; Ross makes a "freebie" list.

[*]The One With The Flashback: 4.5/5 A flashback 3 years to the past and where the gang was.

[*]The One With The Racecar Bed: 4.5/5 Monica gets the wrong bed; Joey catches Janice kissing her ex-Husband; Joey teaches an "Acting for Soap Opera" class.

The One With The Giant Poking Device: 4/5 The gang makes a chopstick poking device to poke the Ugly Naked Guy to see if he is dead or alive; Phoebe is scared of going to the dentist; Monica bangs Ben's head.

[*]The One With The Football: 5/5 Monica and Ross get competetive in a game of football when the gang goes to the park to play on Thanksgiving.

[*]The One Where Rachel Quits: 4.5/5 Joey sells Christmas trees; Rachel quits from Central Perk; Ross breaks a little girls' leg.

The One Where Chandler Can't Remember Which Sister: 4/5 Rachel gets a job interview; Monica has a noisy neighbor; Chandler gets drunk and doesn't remember which one of Joey's sister he screwed.

The One With All The Jealousy: 4/5 Ross gets suspicious of Rachel and Mark; Monica dates a man with unflattering poetry.

[*]The One Where Monica And Richard Are Just Friends: 5/5 Monica and Richard become friends; Rachel and Joey read eachother's favorite book; A man teaching Phoebe how to play sports has his nuts exposed.

The One With Phoebe's Ex-Partner: 4/5 Chandler dates a woman with a wooden leg; Phoebe's singing partner wants to get back with her.

[*]The One Where Ross And Rachel Take A Break: 4.5/5 Rachel and Ross "take a break" because of Ross' jealousy.

The One The Morning After: 4/5 Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey hide in a room while Ross and Rachel fight; Ross sleeps with the girl from the copy place.

[*]The One Without The Ski Trip: 4.5/5 Chandler starts smoking again; Rachel invites everyone but Ross to go skiing.

The One With The Hypnosis Tape: 4/5 Chandler tries to quit smoking; Monica meets a millionaire; Frank tells Phoebe he plans on marrying a 44 year old.

[*]The One With The Tiny T-Shirt: 4.5/5 Ross demands Rachel gives the stuff he gave her back.

The One With The Dollhouse: 4/5 Monica gets a dollhouse from her dead aunt; Rachel tries to get Chandler to dump her boss.

[*]The One With The Chick And A Duck: 4.5/5 Chandler and Joey adopt a baby chick; Ross helps Rachel.

The One With The Screamer: 4/5 Rachel dates a guy that screams a lot; Phoebe is on hold on the phone.

The One Will Ross's Thing: 4/5 Ross discovers an abnormality on his skin.

The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion: 5/5 Chandler has a boss that greets him strangely; Monica's "boyfriend", Pete, attempts to be the Ultimate Fighting Champion.

[*]The One At The Beach: 4.5/5 The gang goes to a beach house so Phoebe can meet her Mom and Dad's friend; They play Strip Happy Days; Ross and Rachel have feelings for eachother again.


Season 3 of Friends is, overall, an OKAY season. It has some really great episodes, and some surprising guest stars, such as: Ben Stiller, Robin Williams, Billy Crystal, Elizabeth Daily, ( Voice of Tommy Pickles on the kid's show Rugrats ) and more. Friends: Season 3 is certainly not the best season of Friends, but is has some really great episodes. A season not terrible, not great, but worth buying for sure.


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