Friday, December 29, 2006

Game Review ( Excite Truck - Wii )

Graphics: 4/5 Excite Truck doesn't really have too great of graphics. The game runs amazingly smooth with absolutely no signs of framerate drop ever, but the graphics don't do it. We all know the Wii has no graphical power like the PS3 or 360, but Nintendo can do better.

Sound: 3/5 Terrible. The terrible generic guitaring in this game is simply annoying, and the trucks sound pretty crappy. Good thing there's a sound setting.

Control: 4.5/5 This game really shows the Wii's controlling capabilities again. You turn the Wii-mote sideways, and twist it all around to play the game. It may be strange at first, but it is hella addicting - it's like playing an arcade racing game at home.

Fun: 4.25/5 Excite Truck is really one of the best launch titles for the Wii. Although the game has little depth and most people will complete the game fairly quickly, it is great nonsensical fun. This game is best played only a few races at a time - but it is still fun to even watch, making this a good party game. ( Although multiplayer is only 1-on-1 matches with no A.I. ) Excite Truck should definitely be the game of choice for any little kid getting a Wii, or anybody for that matter, that just wants to have a great new experience.


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