Friday, December 22, 2006

DVD Review ( The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season )

Finally here at last, The Simpsons: Season Nine has been released on DVD! This is one amazing season that features even more great episodes from the series. Here's my review.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

[*] The City of New York Vs. Homer Simpson: 4.5/5 Barney binge drinks after having to be a designated driver one day at Moe's Tavern. Homer Simpson receives a notice saying that his car is illegally parked in New York, and after driving all the way to New York, finds it parked between the World Trade Centers. With the boot still on his car, he drives him and his family home.

Fly vs. Fly: 4/5 Bart uses a transporter to try to become a "Superfly", but becomes nothing but a tiny house fly.

Easy-Back Coven: 3.5/5 In 1649, Marge gets accused of being a witch; this section reveals supposedly how Halloween first started.

[*] The Cartridge Family: 5/5 Homer takes the family and the crowd riots because the game is so boring. Homer, fearing for his family's safety, decides to purchase a gun. Homer does inappropriate things with the gun, and Marge tells him to throw it away. Not listening, Homer stores it in the refridgerator, and Bart finds it. After Marge moves out with the kids, Homer visits her to tell him he's done with the gun. After Snake holds up the motel, Homer takes out his gun to scare Snake off, and Marge takes the gun away from Homer then throws it away - or so Homer thinks.

Bart Star: 4/5 Since the news believes Springfield's children are getting fat, many parents send their children off to play football. Homer becomes coach and gives Bart special treatment, but who really is the star of the team is Nelson. During a game, the police come to take Nelson away, but Bart claims he is Nelson, letting his team win the championship.

The Two Mrs. Nahasapeemapetilons: 4/5 At a Springfield bachelor party, Apu gets several dates. Soon, his mom sends an envelope with a lotus flower to indicate it's time for the arranged marriage with Manjula. Apu, no having a wife, lies to his mom and tells her that Marge is his wife. Meanwhile, Homer moves to the retirement home. Marge gets sick of Apu pretending he's her husband, and it is revealed to Apu's mom. The arranged marriage is held in the Simpsons' backyard, and Manjula and Apu get married as planned.

Lisa The Skeptic: 3.5/5 Lisa protests the building of a shopping mall, and digs up what is said to be an angel. The skeleton dissapears and reappears on a hill with a message of the end of the world at sundown. Nothing happens, though, and it is found out to be a set-up by the builders of the new mall.

Realty Bites: 3.5/5 At a prison auction, Homer buys a car that belonged to Snake. Meanwhile, Marge gets a job as a realestate agent with help from Bart and Lisa. Being too honest, she does terribly at her job. With her job on the line, she sells a house to Ned and Maude Flanders that was a murder site without telling them about it. Eventually, Marge tells the truth, the Flanders's don't care, but Homer and Cheif Wiggum crash into the house, ending the episode with the Flanders moving back next door to the Simpsons.

[*]Miracle on Evergreen Terrace: 5/5 Bart, impatient to get his gifts for Christmas, wakes up one morning and burns the tree down accidently. When the family wakes up, he comes up with the lie that a burglar stole the gifts and tree. The townspeople decide to pitch in and help the Simpsons, but after the snow melts, and Bart confesses, everyone finds out Bart is the one who set the thing up, and the townspeople get back at the Simpsons by stealing everything they own.

All Singing, All Dancing: 3/5 The Simpsons flashback to episodes where characters from the show sang songs.

Bart Carny: 4/5 Bart gets a job at a carnival, and meets Cooder and his son. One day when the family was away, Cooder and his son were boarded up inside the Simpson house. Homer makes a deal saying if he can throw a hula hoop onto the chimney, he gets the house back. Homer fakes throwing it onto it, and while Cooder and his son weren't paying attention, darted back in the house and locked the door.

The Joy of Sect: 4/5 Homer joins a religious cult, and soon everyone in town is. Everyone is found of "the Leader" but no one actually knows who he is.

[*] Das Bus: 4.5/5 In this "Lord of the Flies" parody, school kids fall off a bridge and land on an island having to live for themselves. Meanwhile, Homer starts a computer fixing and improving business.

The Last Temptation of Krust: 4/5 Krusty goes on a comedic tour and gets no laughs. Krusty soon meets guys who let him be in commercials for the Canyonero.

[*] The Dumbell Indemnity: 4.5/5 Moe meets a girl, and while on a boat ride, has Homer wreck his old car so he can get money. While in jail for doing so, Moe has to decide whether to bail Homer out, or take his girlfriend Renee to Hawaii.

[*] Lisa the Simpson: 4.5/5 Lisa worries that her days of being smart were numbered and gets worried. Meanwhile, Apu turns the Kwik-E-Mart to the Freak-E-Mart. Homer proves that Lisa won't get stupid by showing that only the men in her family are dimwitted.

[*] This Little Wiggy: 5/5 Marge sets up a "play date" with Ralph for Bart, and they soon become friends. Bart gets the master key from Chief Wiggum, and tries to get into an abandoned prison.

[*] Simpson Tide: 4.5/5 Bart gets an earing to be cool, and Homer gets a job in the Naval Reserve.

[*] Girly Edition: 4.75/5 Bart and Lisa fight to be the better news anchor.

Trash of the Titans: 4/5 Homer allows all garbage to be dumped in Springfield.

[*]King of the Hill: 4.5/5 Homer gets buff thanks to McBain, and Homer is asked to climb the Murderhorn, and does, to impress Bart.

Lost our Lisa: 4/5 Lisa goes to an exhibit and Homer goes out to find her.

Natural Born Kissers: 4.25/5 Homer and Marge try to spice things up after a bad anniversary.


The Simpsons: The Complete Ninth Season is a good season. Not nearly as good as early ones, but still okay. There are a lot of pretty bad episodes, though - more than there are excellent ones.


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