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Game Review ( Super Smash Bros. Brawl Characters - Wii )

Since I have nothing else to do, I'll just review all of the characters from SSBB/5588, seeing as how I have them all already. ( I need to get laid, I know. ) If you don't know the hidden characters, don't read on. [I will go in alphabetical order.]


Bowser: Bowser plays just like he did in Melee and virtually no differently. He remains one of the better, if not the best, heavier characters in Brawl. His fleeing abilities are really good, too, much better than Donkey Kong's. Obviously, though, Bowser suffers from lack of maneuverability because of his big size. 4.25/5

*#Captain Falcon: I haven't played TOO much with Captain Falcon, because I wasn't a fan of him in previous SSB games, but he's not that bad. He is surprisingly fast, and packs quite a punch. His fleeing isn't very good, though - pretty average. He is also one of the "Original Twelve", appearing in all three SSB games. Overall, he's a pretty average character with little to say about. 3.75/5

~Diddy Kong: Making his first appearance this time around is Diddy Kong, nephew of Donkey Kong. Diddy Kong is VERY underrated in Brawl. He has some solid speed, and a great Super Smash once you learn how to control it well. If you haven't played with him much, I highly recommend you start. He's a really great fighter and you may be as surprised as I was when I started playing with him consistently. 4.5/5

#Donkey Kong: Donkey Kong is one of my personal favorites, and a bit of a dark horse in the Brawl line-up. He, like Captain Falcon and many others, is one of the "Original Twelve". Donkey Kong is probably the best heavy-weight in Brawl. He hits quite quickly, and has some very powerful attacks. His Super Smash isn't that fantastic, but it gets better the more you use it. My favorite heavy-weight in Brawl, but is lacking some things. 4.5/5

*Falco: Falco Lombardi, member of Star Fox, is back again in Brawl. He plays in the same fashion as Fox - exactly the same - and is virtually no different. He is an absolute clone. However, I prefer Falco to Fox because - well, - I just do. 4.25/5

#Fox: Fox McLoud, leader of Star Fox, is back for a third time. Like stated above, he is the same character is Falco in just about every way. If you like playing as Falco, you should have no problem playing as Fox. 4.25/5

*Ganondorf: The antagonist of the Zelda series returns for a second time. He is much like Captain Falcon in that they have quite similar attacks. I can't say much else about him, seeing as how he is so similar. I must say, though, Ganondorf has a better Smash Move. 3.75/5

Ice Climbers: Nana and Bobo, the Ice Climbers, may well be my least favorite characters in Brawl and Melee. They don't move that fast, and they don't hit too hard. They only real positive thing about them is that they are small in size, making them harder to hit. Their Super Smash is pretty average, too. 3/5

~Ike: Ike is a character that, I must say, have played very little with. He's a pretty good character, but he reminds me of link and Marth. ( Probably because of his sword. ) I still prefer Toon Link to all the sword wielders in Brawl, though. 4/5

*#Jigglypuff: Yet another member of the "Original Twelve". I'm not too fond of Jigglypuff myself, but she (he?) is a pretty decent character. Best thing about him/her would have to be his/her flight ability - which is much like King Dedede's and Kirby's. One of my least favorite characters in Brawl. 3.5/5

~King Dedede: Here's another huge target - King Dedede is the biggest body in the game - bigger than both Bowser and D.K. Dedede has a good save maneuver, and his attacks are very powerful, but he moves slowly, and hits even slower. If you like raw power, though, he's your guy. 4.25/5

#Kirby: One of the more unique characters in the game. As you probably know by now, Kirby can suck-in any opponent and use his/her powers against him/her. Not all of the attacks, but the basic ones, and it's definitely a cool feature. Kirby also has a very useful escape maneuver. I, personally, don't care for Kirby - I like the more balanced fighters for the most part - but he's definitely different. 4/5

#Link: Link is one of the most popular characters in the series, and for good reason. He's pretty quick, and has some serious power. Link is my favorite swordsman in the series. Despite me not liking him much in the original SSB, he has grown on me, and turns out to be one of the best fighters to use when you're in a hole. 4.5/5

*~Lucario: Another Pokemon added to the list of fighters - can't complain. Lucario seems to be a bit like Mewtwo. Has some quick, tricky maneuvers, a similar flight ability, and some very similar attacks. If you liked playing as Mewtwo, you'll like Lucario. Also, he has a unique ability. When his damage against has gone up, his damage to goes up as well. Now that may make you use him more. 4.5/5

~Lucas: You probably haven't heard of Lucas and neither have I, but Lucas is from the Japanese-Only game Mother. Lucas is like Fox is to Falco - a nearly exact clone. There are subtle differences, but you likely won't notice them unless you play as him a lot. Lucas has some pretty good powerful attacks, but his flee-attack is very week. He only really has a double jump, and nothing else. If you use is B+^ attack while falling, and you practice, it is the best in the game, or at least one of the best. Lucas is definitely a solid character to use with practice. 4.25/5

*#Luigi: My favorite Mario Kart racer is back for a third time around. Luigi is quite a bit like Mario, but not as much as you'd think. Luigi has a drastically, and surprisingly, different Smash Move, which proves to be one of the most effective in the game. Luigi is definitely one of my favorite characters. 4.75/5

#Mario: Who DOESN'T know Mario? What would SSB be without Mario? Anyways, I think Mario is overrated. While he is almost perfectly balanced - solid attacks, decent flight attack - he just isn't entirely my type, or I just have bad luck with him. He is, or at least should be, though, the character or choice for SSB,SSBM, or SSBB noobs. 4/5

*Marth: Marth is back again to represent the Fire Emblem series. Like Ike and Link, he is a swordsman. I don't particularly care for Marth, but he is one hell of a fighter. He is quick, and has some super powerful attacks. Just because I rate him low, doesn't mean he's a bad fighter. In fact, he may just be the best no-one-ever-really-picks fighter in the game. 4/5

~Meta Knight: Yet another fighter from the Kirby series. Meta Knight turns out to be one of my favorite characters in Brawl. He has a solid escape maneuver, some really quick and powerful attacks, and a simple yet super effective Super Smash. Also, to top it all off, he's small in size making it a bit harder for objects to hit him. Great fighter, in my opinion. He truly has it all. 4.75/5

*Mr. Game & Watch: Well, look who's back - Mr. G&W. Game and Watch was the only character I wasn't able to unlock in Melee due to the difficulty of doing so, so after unlocking him in Brawl I was obviously excited. Mr. G&W is certainly the most unique looking of all the characters - he's 2D! He has some average speed, mustered up with some great power, and he has a pretty effective Super Smash. Another one of my favorite characters in the game. 5/5

*#Ness: That one kid from Earthbound is back - Ness. I never thought Ness was all that great, but after playing with Lucas, I started using Ness a bit, and he's not too bad. Like Lucas though, he's not REALLY my type. If you like Lucas, you like Ness, if you don't like Lucas, you won't like Ness. That's how it goes. 4.25/5

~Olimar: A familiar face - Olimar took part in the popular GameCube titles Pikmin and Pikmin 2. Olimar's main attacks are with, what else, Pikmin. Olimar is, overall, a pretty weak character. He isn't too strong, not too quick, and his escape combo is virtually useless. However, he has one of, if not the best, Smash Moves in the game, which kind of makes up for his lack of real fighting power. He's an okay character, but not of much interest or use to me. 3.25/5

Peach: One of the weaker characters in my opinion, is Peach. Her best feature is her jump technique, but that's all that's really decent about her. Her Final Smash isn't even much of an attack, and she isn't that quick or strong. It is realistic for her character, but she's not a good character for Brawl. 3/5

#Pikachu: Whoever doesn't know of Pikachu should be shot. This Pokemon is back again, and he plays the same way as before. A quick character that benefits from his small size. However, his only real great attack is his Thunder attack. His other moves and his Smash Move is disappointing. ( His Smash Move is quite similar to Sonic's) Pikachu's really a useless character unless you use him in Multi-Man Melee. 3.5/5

~Pit: Here's a character most people haven't probably heard of. Pit is from Kid Icarus from way back in the early Nintendo days. Pit sacrifices an ^+B attack for what proves to be the best flight technique in the game. Because of this, though, he lacks some serious power. Still, he's a pretty solid and unique character. 4/5

~Pokemon Trainer: As Pokemon Trainer, you don't actually play as him. You play as Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Charizard - appearing in that order. That's right - three characters. Pokemon Trainer is one of my favorite fighters for that reason. There's speed in Squirtle, power in Charizard, and a good, even balance in Ivysaur. Also, the Smash Move, although similar to Mario's , Samus's and the like, is super effective and is sure to get at least one kill if located well. Great fighter, indeed. 4.75/5

*~R.O.B.: R.O.B. is probably one of the more random characters to be included into Brawl. He lacks several things. He's not super strong and can't stand up to the likes of Bowser and D.K. too well, and he's also not that fast. To make things even a bit worse, he doesn't have much range with the exception of his laser, which doesn't always work. With him lackin this badly, he should have a great Smash Move, but he doesn't. It's one of the worst in Brawl. R.O.B. should have probably been excluded from Brawl, but here he is. Not great, not good, but not bad. 3.5/5

#Samus: My most played character from the original SSB and SSBM is back and plays the same as ever. She has been toned down a bit. While she was super fast in the original SSB and SSBM, Samus has slowed down considerably in this game. However, Zero Suit Samus goes SUPER fast. (Review later.) Samus isn't what she once was in previous games in some ways, and it's hard to pick her when there are so many other better fighters to use. Still, I've used Samus for the most time in Brawl's. 4.5/5

*~Snake: Every gamer should know by now that Snake was put in Brawl - that was announced awhile back. Anyways, Snake doesn't disappoint in Brawl. He brings a mortar, homing rocket lancher, grenades, and mines. Because of this, he is a hard character to get used to. But if you do get used to him, he can be VERY effective. He has speed, power, and one of the best flight mechanisms in Brawl. 4.5/5

*~Sonic: As for Snake, you should know about Sonic by now. Sonic will very likely be one of the last few characters you will unlock in Brawl - and is it worth it? Sadly, the answer is no, not really. Sonic is byfar the fastest character in Brawl, and for good reason, but because of this, the player will have to practice quite a bit. Sonic also lacks any really strong attacks. You can control most of them, but they are still not very predictable. Third, his Smash Move is mediocre at best - it's much like Pikachu's. Fly around the stage in a super fast ball hitting opponents. It should be a one or two hit KO, right? It's not. It hits with 15%-18% force, and doesn't too often knock the opponent out of the ring. It's too bad Sonic isn't a better character. 4.25/5

*~Toon Link: Exactly like Young Link before him, Toon Link is an exact copy of Link with the slightly better edge because of his smaller size. When you do get Toon Link, though, you unlock one of the better stages in the game, Pirate Ship, which takes place on seas as if you were playing in The Windwaker. Toon Link is a good character, but not at all a different character from Link. 4.5/5

~Wario: It took two previous installments of SSB before Wario got into the Brawl, and it's about time. Wario is a heavyweight character that is seriously lacking any speed. His attacks, however, aren't for the most part. When built up enough, his fart attack will own anybody in close proximity. He also has an ^+B attack very similar to Samus's. If that's now enough, he can hop on his motorcycle and ride opponents out of the ring. Wario's Smash Move isn't the greatest, but it's not bad. He changes clothes and has amazing speed abilities, and his attacks are greatly powered up. He's a good character if you can tolerate his annoying "Wah-ha-ha!"s. 4.25/5

*~Wolf: Wolf is the second clone of Fox, people say. Falco first, now him. While he does seem a lot like Falco and Fox, there are also some great differences. For one, his blaster shoots much slower but does a lot more damage. Second, his ^+B attack doesn't take nearly as long and is equally as effective. He's not nearly as quick as Falco or Fox is, but it's worth it. Wolf is more my type - Fox and Falco are too spazzy. Definitely well worth getting. 4.75/5

#Yoshi: The last of the "Original Twelve" alphabetically is Yoshi. Like a few others from the original SSB, I'm not impressed by Yoshi. His flee attack isn't that great, and his attacks aren't either. He's really a character that will probably only be used by serious Yoshi fans. 3.5/5

Zelda/Sheik: Zelda/Sheik is back for a second time around, and is much better than Princess Peach. Zelda is better alone, but Sheik is better than both. They're Final Smash is exactly the same, Zelda's and Sheik's, but it doesn't really matter. They're a feared two-some. Better yet you can choose who you want to play as and change any time during a match like you could in Melee. 3.75/5

~Zero Suit Samus: You will use Z.S.S. after you use Samus's Smash Move, or before a match by pressing a combination of buttons. I don't care for her that much - Samus to be in her suit is much more effective. As Z.S.S., she's a bit like, yet another, Fox. Her Smash Move isn't a Smash Move at all, instead, she gets back on her armor and turns back into Samus. 3.75/5


And that's it. My review/guide of all the characters. Overall, the roster is pretty solid, but there are a few duds in there.

[*] An asterisk indicates the character must be unlocked.]
[~] A tilde indicates the character is new to the series.]
[#] A pound indicates the character is one of the "Original Twelve".]

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