Friday, March 28, 2008

DVD Review ( Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Volume 4 )

Volume 4 is part 2 of the third season. ( Volume 5 is the final part. )


The Ninja Sword of Nowhere: 4/5 Krang sends Shredder back to earth to get what he believes is an alien metal. The turtles buy the sword that Shredder is trying to get, and he tries to hunt them down.

20,000 Leaks Under the Sea: 4/5 Shredder tries to flood the sewers to kill the turtles, but he floods the entire city. The turtles attempt to get the water back into the ocean.

[*]Take Me to Your Leader: 4.5/5 The world goes into a deep freeze due to Krang's draining of the sun's energy. The turtles, without Leonardo, who believes he's not fit to be a leader, try to stop Shredder and Krang.

Four Musketurtles: 3.75/5 Leonardo believes he's a musketeer, and the other turtles with him try to prevent Shredder from getting a new founded gem that could power the Technodrome.

[*]Turtles, Turtles Everywhere: 4.5/5 Shredder has automated garbage trucks steal all of the turtles in the city. The TMNT try to get the automated garbage truck main robot to attack Shredder.

[*]Cowabunga Shredhead: 5/5 Shredder uses a duplicator to make holograms of the turtles. Rocksteady and Bebop mess up the program, turning Shredder's personality into Michelangelo's. The turtles mess with "Shredder"'s mind my saying Shredder and Michelangelo to play mind-tricks on him to confuse him, and ultimately, help them out.

[*]Invasion of the Turtle Snatchers: 4.5/5 Shredder tries to get his hands on new alien equipment after he finds out Rocksteady was captured my an alien spaceship. Meanwhile, Donatello gets sucked up by it too. Rocksteady and Donatello temporarily work together, but then are enemies once again. The aliens tell Donatello of a toy that must be dug back up from earth or it will be the end of the world.

Camera Bugged: 4/5 An alien from the planet of Polaris has a camera that eliminates whatever it captures on camera. Shredder and Krang get this camera, and intend to use it to eliminate the turtles.

Green with Jealousy: 4.75/5 Krang created a vile full of love potion that has all the turtles but Donatello in love with Irma. Donatello tries his best to reverse the spell.

Return of the Fly: 4/5 Baxter returns as his fly-self and decides to get revenge on both the turtles and Shredder.

Casey Jones: "Outlaw Hero": 4.25/5 The turtles meet Casey Jones, a law fighter that tries to keep law breakers in check. He soon takes the turtles side.

Mutagen Monster: 4.25/5 The turtles work to stop a mutated bull from wreaking too much havoc on the city.


TMNT Volume 4 is a very solid section of the third season, but not nearly good as the previous. Many of the episodes are really average. Still, you gotta get this to be one step further in completing your TMNT collection on DVD.


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