Sunday, March 23, 2008

Game Review ( 3/18 Rock Band DLC - 360 )

Blinded By Fear: 4.5/5 Fun song on guitar - impossible on Expert Drums. If you haven't seen the chart, look it up on YouTube.

D.O.A.: 4.5/5 The easiest song of the three all-around. Not terribly difficult at all on Expert drums, and the guitar isn't bad, either. Pretty good song, too.

Thrasher: 4.25/5 I like the song itself the least of the three, but it's still another challenge on guitar and drums - especially guitar. The constant strumming will have you sore in about 30-45 seconds.


Even though I really didn't think I'd get this pack, I did - and no regrets. The songs are a challenge, and pretty good too, if you like the genre. I recommend getting for the challenge - or at least get one of them.


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