Thursday, March 13, 2008

Game Review ( 3/11 Rock Band DLC - 360 )

Crush,Crush,Crush: 4.75/5 The only song of the three I had heard previous to it being on Rock Band. It's a good song, but it's a female vocalist, so some may not like it. Great song on drums, although easy.

Beethoven's C*** (A.K.A. "Beethoven's Cunt"): 4.5/5 A pretty good song created by the lead singer of System of a Down. Once again, great song for drums.

Shockwave: 4.75/5 Really a great song. One of the first new-age metal songs to be introduced to Rock Band. Challenging song on all levels, but well worth buying.


All three of the songs this week are worth buying. Not only are they some of the best songs available for DLC, they are also only 80 MSP ($1) - just another reason to download them right away.


[[Value-wise, definitely a 5/5.]]

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