Thursday, February 21, 2008

Game Review ( Surf's Up - 360 )

Graphics: 3/5 A decent looking game, but nothing spectacular. Average looking everything, with some nice looking levels, but it's just a subpar looking 360 game.

Sound: 4/5 Lines from the movie, clips from the movie, and some songs from bands like Simple Plan and the Plain White T's. Not bad at all.

Control: 2.75/5 Overly simplistic. The game consists of almost exclusively pressing the B button, with the occasional Y button press.

Fun: 2.75/5 I give this a 2.75 rating as an overall value rating. For a days worth of 950-1000 achievement points, it's one of the best "Achievement Whore" games as far as fun and ease of achievements. However, if you buy this game expecting good replayability, you're mistaken. The game is a joke and is no challenge at all. The only thing it really is is repetitive. Worth a quick rental, and nothing more.


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