Thursday, February 07, 2008

Game Review ( The Simpsons Game - 360 )

The Simpsons Game has been out for awhile, but I finally got it from GameFly - I must say it's a great game for a Simpsons fan.

Graphics: 4/5 While at first I was unimpressed, the graphics really aren't bad at all. The characters are in a full 3D look, that somewhat looks like cel-shading. The in-HD cut scenes throughout the game are really great and make this game even better - it's like watching a Simpsons episode, but playing it at the same time.

Sound: 5/5 Certainly the best thing about this game. The sound effects and music are all great, and there have to be at LEAST a few thousand lines from characters in this game. Most every character ever taking an appearance in the show can be seen in this game, whether it's in an "episode", or just walking around Springfield - you can also talk to them whenever you want.

Control: 3/5 Not as bad as people say, but still pretty damn bad. The camera can definitely be annoying at certain parts in the game when spaces are tight or you want to look at a certain part of the level, but it doesn't happen too often. I'd say the simplistic controls are probably more-so annoying than the camera. It controls like an average adventure game from five years ago.

Fun: 3.75/5 "The Simpsons Game" is a real great experience. The story is written very well, it's a fun game to get Achievements for, and it's a must-play for any Simpsons fan. You can walk around Springfield as much as you want at your pace, and walk into quite a few buildings around the city including the church, Moe's, Android's Dungeon (The comic book store), The Simpsons House, the Kwik-E-Mart, and more. The inside of the buildings look almost just like the show. It's a good game, but it could've been better. The tediousness of getting collectables gets frustratingly not worth it after only maybe an hour, there's no Xbox LIVE Co-Op, either. Still, it's a unique game, and you will find yourself playing spoofs of other games as well, such as Space Invaders, Gauntlet and Everquest. Flawed, and probably shouldn't be bought by anyone - no matter how big of a Simpsons nut you are - but it's well worth a rental and a lot of fun until you finish the game.


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