Monday, February 18, 2008

Game Review ( Frontlines: Fuel of War - Demo - 360 )

Graphics: 3.25/5 Don't look that great, but graphics take a hit with 32 player online play. The models look okay, and the environments are "meh". The one thing that's really disturbing is the red "powder" blood. So N64...

Sound: 3.5/5 Pretty average. Sounds like garbage compared to Call of Duty 4, actually. The guns sound okay and there are decent voiceovers, but it's really nothing special.

Control: 3.75/5 Not only do the tanks and helicopters take awhile to get the controls down for, the controls of the infantrymen are weird too. LB to reload, RB to sprint - I constanly press the wrong buttons. Hard to get used to.

Fun: 4/5 F:FoW is actually a pretty decent game. It controls like most FPS's now-a-days. It reminds me of War Rock for the PC, as well as Battle Field for the PC. There are some problems with this game. For instance, there is a glitch where it's nearly impossible to get up some ladders in the game, and every automatic gun kills and shoots the same way. This game feels a lot like Halo and Call of Duty 4 combined into one. This game has some unique features, and is pretty fun. Not too sure if it will be worth the $60 asking price, but it will be worth quite a long rental from GameFly.


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