Thursday, February 07, 2008

Game Review ( Beautiful Katamari - 360 )

First off I have to say, I TRIED to like this game, and just couldn't. I'm very aware that most people with completely disagree with me on this review.

Graphics: 3.25/5 They're a different style, it's colorful too, but I think it's bizarre and actually pretty ugly.

Sound: 2.5/5 The music is just annoying as all hell, and everything in this game you have to read - no voiceovers here.

Control: 2/5 It's very different indeed, but it's garbage. It takes getting used to, and it isn't worth it. I should be able to control the Katamari how I want, not just use the two sticks. Frustrating. Constantly get stuck in corners, too.

Fun: 3/5 This game COULD be fun if it had better sound and more tolerable controls. However, it doesn't, and this is just one trashy game - no matter how you look at it.


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