Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hardware Review ( Dynex 32'' 720p LCD HDTV )

I got this TV as an early Christmas present and it is one HELL of a TV. After using a tube TV to play my 360 on, I finally got this TV and I can now take full advantage of the 360's graphics. Everything about this TV is really spectacular. It has plenty of HD and other plug-ins in the back for a DVD player, CD player, 360, Wii, PS3, or anything else. The best thing about this TV has got to be the price. For about $550, you get a fantastic TV. The picture is disappointing on non-HD channels, but whether you're playing a 360 or PS3, the graphics will look absolutely amazing. I've read a lot of reviews criticizing the TV's sound - what? The sound is fine, it's just that it doesn't have a really LOUD max volume. My only real problem with it so far is that I have a dead pixel on it, but it's on the side of the screen, and is completely unnoticable unless you're TRYING to look for it.

Picture: 4.5/5 [Non HD channels actually look worse than on a Tube sometimes, but videogames look phenomenal.
Sound: 4.5/5 [Nothing wrong with it, although it is weak.]
Value: 5/5


UPDATE 11/26/11: I've noticed quite a few people have been searching the net for a review of this TV - so I've decided to update since this one is way outdated. Basically, I believe this TV is now about $300 at Best Buy now. The model is a bit newer, but it's all the same junk inside. I should note that a few months ago I noticed a bit of a shadow/screen-burn in the middle of my screen. Luckily, I got the warranty, so I recommend you do. Besides that, this TV is just about perfect. It doesn't look super fancy, but the screen looks just as good as the popular brand names out there.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you have a xbox 360? If so, does that Dynex 32" accept widescreen HD over the xbox's HD component A/V cables?

Anonymous said...

Yeah I believe so.