Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Game Review ( Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - 360 )

Graphics: 5/5 One of the best looking games, ever. The framerate is unbelievable - there is no lag at all during single player. It's amazing that the game can look so good and run so smoothly. The only flaw is that the game lies. It runs at 600p. Still, looks fantastic.

Sound: 5/5 Call of Duty always sounds great, and this is the best one yet. The voiceover work is phenomenal like usual, as well as the explosions and guns. Music to my ears.

Control: 5/5 Controls like all the other CoD's on the 360. Works very well. Nothing to dislike here.

Fun: 5/5 This game absolutely deserves perfect 5's. The single player alone is almost worth the $60, even if you do beat it in one day. It has to be my favorite single player experience with a game ever. Online play is obviously the best part. The maps are all great, many being from the single player, you can have perks, rank up to get more guns and the like, and do challenges to get extra experience points to up your rank. Call of Duty 4 is definitely the game of the year - no question.


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