Saturday, December 15, 2007

Game Review ( Burnout Paradise DEMO - 360 )

Graphics: 4.5/5 The graphics look fantastic on Burnout Paradise with a rare occurance of a framerate drop - even online. While the game could probably look better, the fact that it runs as smooth as it does, there are few load times, and that the crashes are so detailed, it really doesn't matter. Burnout Paradise looks really impressive on the 360.

Sound: 5/5 Burnout has always been one of the best sounding games of its genre. The car's engines fire up like jets, the full-game will surely have a great soundtrack, and the crashes sound amazing.

Control: 4.25/5 There's not one thing with the controls, but Burnout has controlled the same for quite some time - it needs some zing. Controls fine and everything, but it's just almost too simple.

Fun: 4.25/5 The demo features very little. You can drive around Paradise City with no time limit ( Or so it seemed ) and you can play online. The modes are very restricted, only having you compete with three other people or friends, but it's pretty fun. Anyways - the full version of Paradise should be much more appealing when it's released early in January of next year. Speed demons should be quick to picking this one up, as I'm sure it won't disappoint.


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