Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Game Review ( Far Cry 2 - 360 )

Graphics: 4.5/5 The game looks great. Fantastic really. The single player world is HUGE, and there are very few loading times. The graphics in the game are what really bring this game to life.

Sound: 4.5/5 Some say the sound is the best part of FC2, and I disagree. It is really good, but the graphics and gameplay are much better. It would be better if your own character talked, but since there are a lot to choose from, I can see why it wasn't done.

Control: 4/5 Good, but not great. Actually very similar to Call of Duty 4 - and the controls aren' the only thing similar. Anyway, the layout is about the same except you can't prone, and the sprinting is a little more annoying in this game. It is impossible to make a sharp turn while sprinting, which can be frustrating especially on smaller multiplayer maps with a lot of stuff like Love Shacks.

Fun: 4.5/ Far Cry 2 is very underrated, and it has a strong fanbase for a reason. Far Cry 2 has a map maker in which you can make literally any map to your desire ( Unless you want to construct YOUR OWN buildings, seeing as how it's not possible. There is only a set of pre-made buildings, which is really SICKENING. ) but it takes about an hour or so to get really used to. The multiplayer is also, contrary to what many people say, is fantastic. There is definitely B.S. in there, I'll give them that, but what online shooter doesn't have that? For instance - you can shoot an RPG at a truck, and it won't blow it up in one shot -- nope -- it takes TWO hits, even if you shoot a guy on the turret on the back of the truck, he still won't die, and if he gets out and you then shoot the truck, it will say "so-and-so killed himself." That is certainly aggrivating. Also, the longer you wait to get the game, the more likely you are to get frustrated with it, seeing as you how you get "diamonds" when leveling up which are used to upgrade your primary and secondary weapons. While Far Cry 2 isn't perfect, the online play certainly needs to be experienced. Think of it as Team Fortress 2, but without the cartoony-look.


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