Monday, March 05, 2007

Game Review ( Crackdown - 360 )

Graphics: 4.25/5 Up close, Crackdown doesn't look good away from the character models, but from afar when on a high roof, the game looks stunning. The water looks fantastically real, ( although when you jump in it, nothing happens ) and the buildings look unique and noticable from each city. The graphics are pretty strange, to be honest. The character models are cel-shaded, but the surrounding world isn't 100% cel-shaded - it's hard to describe. The explosions in this game are also AWESOME to look at, and the rag-doll physics are also a great addition.

Sound: 4/5 The radio in cars is full of boring music for the most part, but the explosions sound super cool, and your agency-talk-dude features some nice voice overs, albeit repetetive lines are looped over and over again. He will constantly tell you even through to the end of the game how to do things you learned the second you started the game. "There's a rooftop race near-by, agent. Finish the race to gain agility points, et cedra.

Control: 4.5/5 Everything is up to you. You do what you want, and for the most part, you can. When you jump onto window ledges, your agent USUALLY grabs on, and if not, he'll fall to the ground. Camera angles are also frustrating at times, too. But the lock on aim is almost flawless, although it does make the game quite a bit easier, but the fluid controls make this game shine.

Fun: 4.25/5 At first, Crackdown seems like nothing more than a GTA rip-off, but quickly you'll find out as your skills increase ( one of the best things in the game - gain experience in different categories like driving, firearms, explosives, agility, and strength, and you will gain experience to get better at driving, aiming, blowing stuff up, running and jumping, and lifting heavier objects. ) the game gets better and better. Although this game has its flaws - and several of them. The game is pretty easy to beat, and you will get your skills up within just 2 days if you play a lot. The bosses aren't tough to beat either, for the most part, and the online play is limited. Sure, there's Co-Op, but with only one other person, and it lags - a lot. Online play would be awesome if it was an MMO explosion fest, or something in the like. Crackdown will be bought by probably 90% of people for the Halo 3 Beta, but it's good enough that people that don't even give a shit about Halo will try this game. ( like me. ) So Crackdown, with some flaws, is a worthy visit for anybody looking for another fun sand-box game - or any achievement whore.

Achievement Difficulty: 5/10

I got 24 of the games achievements in the first 2 days. And a lot of the achievements are easier to get as soon as you get 4-stars in every class. So really, the only tough achievements are finding the 300 orbs, getting the 500 agility orbs, and getting through the stunt rings. Other than that, the game for anyone willing to put a few days into it will get about 300-500 achievement points.


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