Monday, March 19, 2007

1 Year Anniversary! ( March 19th 2006 - March 19th 2007 )

Well, it's already been a year. Over 200 reviews in one year. It hasn't been much of anything. Of course, I first started copying my reviews over to this website, but then I gave up on and started posting everything right here. After this one year I have gotten new stuff. Got rid of my PSP and DS, but recently got another new DS Lite, had to get a new PS2 because my old one broke, I got an Xbox 360 on July 24th, and I also got a Nintendo Wii on December 2nd. From this year, to next year, there will be many more reviews - unless I die or something. Anyways, thanks to anyone who actually likes or even looks at my blog. Call me whatever you want: [GGR], [TBR], or [MBR], but it's the one year anniversary. Also, I'm changing my name now and forever this time, and just calling this blog [47]. The tag will from now on be:

Thanks again.


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