Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Food Review (Sweet Chili Chicken Premium McWrap from McDonalds)

     Yesterday I decided to get McDonalds, and I decided to try a McWrap -- a Sweet Chili McWrap, to be exact. To be more exact, I opted for the grilled chicken, because... what the hell. This is my first time posting a picture on this blog, but that right there is what you get.

     Coming in at just 360 calories, this McWrap manages to be relatively healthy ... unsurprisingly though, there's a shit ton of sodium (1030mg/43%). The taste of this McWrap is decent, but it's not because of the chicken. The grilled chicken is all moist and whatever, but it really doesn't have much flavor, which makes the four decently-sized strips of chicken per wrap relatively pointless. It took a few bites for me to get any of the sweet chili sauce, as gravity had to force that shit to the bottom. Additionally, despite the good amount of chicken, the last quarter or so of my McWrap was basically a salad, since the chicken wasn't evenly distributed. I'd recommend jiggling the McWrap around a little bit to get some of it to settle. Who cares how retarded you look, it'll make the whole thing consistent.

     Given the reasonable price of these McWraps, it's impossible to not recommend. While I'm sure the crispy chicken would taste better (what a SHOCK that would be), this wasn't bad at all, considering the value. I haven't had the chicken and ranch or chicken and bacon McWraps, but I'd have no doubts that those would be "okay" at worst. Hard not to recommend this particular McWrap, at least.


+: Great value. Kind of sort of healthy. Sweet chili sauce is as good as ever. Whatever ranch that's in there actually works well with the sweet chili sauce.

-: Chicken's damn bland. Had to wait at the window for awhile for some stupid ass reason.

?: If this is considered a "premium" McWrap, what do they consider the OTHER McWraps?

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