Sunday, February 19, 2012

TV Show Review (The Simpsons 500th Episode)

23 years later, The Simpsons has just finished airing its 500th episode on Fox. If you missed it, I'll give you a brief recap, as well as my opinion. Don't worry, I'll keep it short.

The general synopsis of "At Long Last Leave" (S23/E14) is basically that the Simpsons get banished from Springfield due to each family member's antics, and sent to a place called "The Outlands."

As most people know, whether they've seen each and every episode of the show or tuned in time-to-time just to see how the show's doing, The Simpsons has been sorely lacking any truly "great" episodes for several years now. I decided to watch "At Long Last Leave" not expecting a GREAT episode, but at least hoping to see a memorable one.

Well, I was let down. This 500th episode of The Simpsons is completely passable. Right out the gate, the episode is sluggish, and doesn't really pick up much at all until halfway through. Throughout the episode, there are maybe two or three jokes that didn't suck... but the majority of them were flat out bad. *SPOILER* The two jokes that I thought were decent were Wiggum's can of "Jerk-Off" and Homer getting his head stuck in the airplane turbine he had attached to the back of his ATV. *SPOILER OVER*

If it's any consolation outside of those two jokes, the show's intro was pretty cool, as it showed various (possibly all, it very well could have been.) couch gags starting from season one going forward.

"At Long Last Leave" is a mediocre episode, and while I'm disappointed in that, I'm certainly not surprised.


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Villy said...

So I just came back inside from getting some fresh air and am now prepared to say, as they anticipated, that episode truly sucked.