Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Food Review (Frozen Strawberry Lemonade from McDonalds)

These have been out for awhile now and I finally got around to having one. I saw a bunch of reviews claiming "It's just average." but I was craving one regardless. I must say, the reviews saying that? Are right. To be honest, I was put off by how tart the lemon was - it was okay at first, but then it just seemed artificially tart, and almost bitter. Also, to get the strawberry and lemon in one sip, you need to stir the thing around yourself, as the strawberry stuff will just sit at the bottom if you don't. The drink is a reasonable price, and tastes pretty good at first, but it's hard to even finish a 16oz one of these, due to its intense tartness and somewhat bitter aftertaste.

+: Not a terrible price, tastes good at first.
-: Way more lemon than strawberry, need to mix manually, becomes somewhat difficult to finish drinking about halfway through the 16oz.


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