Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Food Review (Uncle Oinker's Savory Bacon Mints)

As stated in my Onion Ring Mints review, I got these from

For $3, you got 100 of these little mints. I really got them expecting a mediocre bacon flavor, and I didn't even get that. These 'mints' are ALMOST nauseating. First smelling them wasn't so bad, but if you keep wafting, it smells pretty unpleasant. It's hard to really explain the smell of these mints... B.O.? Maybe that. B.O. and Band-Aids.

But these mints taste neither like bacon nor mint. They taste SORT of like they smell - yes, B.O. and Band-Aids - but it's really rather mild, and they make your breath smell like B.O./Band-Aids when the mint is gone. As with the Onion Ring Mints, would be a good gag gift, but aside from that, I wouldn't repurchase.


+ Good gag gift.
- Price, smell, taste. Just not very good at all.

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