Monday, August 09, 2010

Food Review (KFC Doublicious - Original)

After the Double Down scrutiny, KFC has decided to make what is essentially the same thing as the Double Down, with the same core ingredients, but this time on a bun, and this time they've decided to dub it the Doublicious.

The Doublicious is, in a word, delicious. It is about the same thing as the Double Down, but a few things make it better. First of all, your hands don't get greasy because of the bun - no need for a stack of 48 napkins anymore! Second of all is basically the same as the first of all - the bun has a sweet taste to it, making the experience all the better.

Writing this review has made me hungry... hungry for another Doublicious. The only flavors you really get out of this sandwich are the bun, chicken, and sauce, but it's still damn good. The bacon and cheese basically just add sodium and not so much flavor, because the chicken is the bulk of the mass of this sandwich.


Note: 480 calories in the Doublicious Original, while 540 in the Double Down Original.

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