Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DVD Review ( Full House: Season 2 )

[*] Indicates a "Season Great"


Cutting It Close: 4.25/5 Stephanie accidentally cuts Jesse's hair and he wrecks his motorcycle. Stephanie feels bad, but Jesse assures her that it's okay.

[*]Tanner Vs. Gibbler: 4.5/5 Kimmy goes to her birthday party with older "friends" and DJ gets jealous. The two get mad at eachother.

It's Not My Job: 4.25/5 Jessie tells his dad he wants to leave his family business to pursue a career in music.

DJ's Very First Horse: 4.25/5 DJ and Kimmy decide to "buy" a horse without anyone knowing, and pay half of what the horse needs every week. Soon, they don't have the money to keep him, and they ask Danny for help.

[*]Jingle Hell: 4.5/5 Joey and Jessie fight over a song they wrote that bombed, and DJ and Stephanie fight over privacy.

[*]Beach Boy Bingo: 5/5 DJ wins tickets to a Beach Boy's concert, and doesn't know who to pick.

[*]Joey Gets Tough: 4.5/5 Joey lets the girls watch Tiffany: Live From Tokyo and stay up late. Danny tells him he should be "tougher", and sure enough he is.

[*]Triple Date: 4.5/5 Danny gets a date with a girl he met at the grocery store, and it turns out to be one of Jesse's ex-girlfriends.

[*]Our Very First Christmas: 4.5/5 Everyone gets snowed in at an airport in Colorado for Christmas.

[*]Middle Age Crazy: 4.5/5 Being caught in the middle of two sisters, Stephanie decides to propose to Harry to get attention.

A Little Romance: 4.25/5 Rebecca gets jealous at a charity bachelor auction when another woman bids on Jesse.

Fogged In: 4.25/5 Jesse gets steamed when Kimmy and DJ are in his room messing with stuff and tape over one of his commercial songs. He gets mad, and eventually buys a drum set to make up.

[*]Working Mothers: 4.5/5 Jesse and Joey get a job writing jingles, but don't know if it's a good or bad idea.

Little Shop Of Sweaters: 4.25/5 Stephanie takes a "Buy Now, Pay Later" sign too literal after she swipes a sweater from a store in place of one that DJ ruined at school.

Pal Joey: 4.25/5 Joey, Danny, and Jesse recall a friendship pact they all made when they were kids.

[*]Baby Love: 4.5/5 Michelle meets Rebecca's nephew Howie and doesn't want him to leave; Stephanie gets scared from the movie Wolfman.

El Problema Grande De DJ: 4.25/5 DJ wants Danny to get her grade changed in Spanish, but she gets upset when he finds him kissing her teacher.

Goodbye, Mr. Bear: 4.25/5: Stephanie loses Mr. Bear and fears Joey may have donated him; the family watches home videos of when Pam came home from the hospital.

Blast From The Past: 4/5 Joey gets a call from a girlfriend from 10 years ago.

[*]I'm There For You Babe: 4.5/5 Jesse has a very stressful birthday when everyone asks him to do stuff.

Luck Be A Lady ( 1 Hour Episode ): 4.25/5 Joey claims he won $100,000 from a slot machine, but security cameras find that Stephanie and DJ pulled it, and he doesn't get the money; Jesse and Becky attempt to get married at the Fabulous Ali Baba Hotel and Casino, but Becky says she has to get to know him better.


Full House: Season 2 has its moments, but it's not the best season - there are better ones in the future.


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