Monday, November 27, 2006

The Xbox 360's Top 7

So the next-gen is now and all of the 3 competing consoles have been released. If you choose to get a 360, these are some games you should really consider getting.

1.) Gears of War: As everyone knows, this is currently the most popular and most talked about 360 games to date, and for good reason. Gears of War portrays better graphics than any console game ever released, and not to mention phenomenal online play with 10 great maps. Gears of War is one of the top 360 games for sure. [47] Score: 5/5

2.) Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: Vegas: Tom Clancy Rainbow 6 (TCR6) games haven't really been good until now. TCR6:Vegas is one amazing game that puts you as a soldier to command your team or work with other in co-op or online to blow terrorists brains out in multiplayer. The amazingly fun thing to do is customize your character and even put your own face on there with the XBox Live Vision Camera. ( Sweet! ) [47] Score: 4.75/5

3.) Call of Duty 3: It's CoD 2 + much more. CoD 3 includes new game modes, improved graphics, vehicles, stats, and more of the single player every one loved from CoD 2. If you are thinking about getting CoD 2, you should most definitely get CoD 3. [47] Score: 4.5/5

4.) Call of Duty 2: Although a launch title for the 360, many people still play this game online. CoD 2 features stellar single player with fantastic action and great graphics. The huge flaw with this game though? Only 4-on-4 online, and majority of the players don't speak English for some reason. O_O [47] Score: 4.5/5

5.) Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter: GRAW for the other consoles that aren't next gen got terrible reviews, while GRAW360 got rave reviews. GRAW shows the 360s power while giving you fantastic online play and good single player. This game is unbelievable. [47] Score: 4.5/5

6.) Uno: Yes, although it is only an Xbox Live Arcade game, it is freakishly addicting and it is extremely cheap. Uno will run you ( I believe ) 800 MSP. It is well worth it; this game is what it says: "Easy to pick up, Impossible to put down". [47] Score: 4.5/5

7.) Saint's Row: Ah, everyone knows this GTA "Rip-off". Even being what people call a rip-off, Saint's Row features excellent gameplay similar to GTA with more customizability, improved graphics, and sweet online play. Any GTA fan will dig. [47] Score: 4.5/5

There you have it - the best 360 games currently available. Disagree? Go to hell.

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