Monday, October 30, 2006

iTunes TV Show Review ( Viva la Bam - Season 1 )

Cost: $14.99 ( For the season )
$1.99 ( Per episode )

Viva la Bam is now available on iTunes, and for good reason. It's one of the best newer shows on MTV. Here is my review for season 1.

Phil's Hell Day: 5/5 Bam demolishes a family van; Installs a firepole in his room; Sends his mom and dad on a trip so he can turn their house into a skatepark; Irons hamburgers on all of Phil's shirts.

Don't Feed Phil: 5/5 Bam sends out flyers all over town telling no one to feed Phil for 24 hours.

Family Reunion: 4.5/5 Bam makes a family reunion a special one by creating a moat at the front door with a drawbridge; building a castle on the front lawn; inviting Compton Ass Terry over the house.

Viva Las Vegas: 4/5 It's Phil and April's anniversery and they get remarried in Las Vegas; Raab gets a mailorder Russian bride; Don Vito gets his hair dyed.

Paint Phil Blue: 4.5/5 Bam's mom and dad go on a 3 day trip, so he paints the house blue; builds a tunnel into Don Vito's house; and soups up April's car.

Very Merry Margera Christmas: 5/5 Bam makes his house extremely bright with lights; makes a skating rink in his house; has a snow ball fight.

April's Revenge: 4.5/5 April strands Bam on an island with his friend thinking that he was doing it to her. She leaves them there for a little over 24 hours, and Bam calls his upon his friends to help him out.

Scavenger Hunt: 5/5 Bam, his friends, and the Bloodhound Gang have a scavenger hunt and see who can get the most "points" to win the game. To get points, they drive around in junk cars and do bizarre tasks.

Viva la Bam - Season 1 off of iTunes is perfect for you iPod. It's for sale at a reasonable price, and the show is just as great as ever. If you like the show Jackass or any show like it, Viva la Bam should suit you well.


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