Monday, October 30, 2006

iTunes TV Show Review ( Celebrity Deathmatch: Knockout Collection )

Cost: $23.88 ( For the 12 episodes )
$1.99 ( Per episode )

What makes Celebrity Deathmatch: Knockout Collection ( CDKC ) so great is that it is at least available on iTunes; no Celebrity Deathmatch seasons have been released up to this point and this is great to at least have it somewhere. What makes Celebrity Deathmatch great as a show is how it is just so damn unique. Celebrities made out of clay fight to the death in arena just to please the fans, with Johnny Gomez and Nick Diamond doing broadcasting. Also, Mills Lane is the referee, and Stacy Cornbread does the interviews. My review.

Comedians of Carnage: 5/5 Features some excellent fights. Beavis vs. Butthead, Tim Allen vs. Seinfeld, Ray Romano vs. Drew Carey, Dana Carvey vs. Mike Meyers; and more. What also makes this well worth $1.99 is the fact that it's 45 minutes long; right on!

The Ragin' Rockers: 4.5/5 Features some good fights. Mick Jagger vs. Steven Tyler, Tommy Lee vs. Ron Jeremy, 'N Sync vs. Backstreet Boys, Kiss vs. 'N Sync, Ozzy Osbourne vs. Rob Zombie; and more. And more-so than Comedians of Carnage, this episode is just over an hour long; which makes it even MORE well worth th $1.99. What a great deal.

Athletes of Aggression: 4/5 This episode has some very unique fights. Vince McMahon vs. Stone Cold, Sammy Sosa vs. Mark McGwire, Shaq vs. Kobe, Andre Agassi vs. Tiger Woods; and more. This episode is only 32 minutes long, but it is still worth buying.

The Family Feud: 4/5 There are some nice fights featured in this episode; it features several tag-team matches, too. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore vs. Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise, Mary-Kate Olsen vs. Ashley Olsen, Wayans brothers vs. Baldwin brothers; and SEVERAL more. This is a 54 minute episode. The only reason why I didn't rate this higher is because the fights simply aren't just overall as entertaining.

The Monster Massacre: 4/5 Features: The Lochness Monster vs. Big Foot, Nick Diamond vs. an Alien, Nick Diamond vs. a Satyr, Potato Kahn vs. Cousin Grimm, Steve Irwin vs. Medusa, Brendan Frasier vs. a Mummy, and more. This is a 55 minutes episode that has some good fights, but doesn't compare to the excellence of some of the other episodes.

( More reviews as I buy the episodes. )

CDKC is definitely worth a purchase for the price; and for the fact it is Celebrity Deathmatch. This is one of the best shows available on iTunes for purchase, so you should definitely buy it.


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