Monday, October 30, 2006

Hardware Review ( DLO Action Jacket iPod Case )

The DLO Action Jacket Case for the iPod is just about the best case you can find for your iPod. This case features rubber grips on the side to reduce your chance of dropping it, has a band that you can use to wrap around your arm when you run, and it has a clip so you can put it on your pants. There is also a plastic cover that goes over your screen and click-wheel, as well as a velcro strap on top of the iPod to prevent any chance of it falling out. The case will run you about $30. I'm not done yet; there are a few flaws. The rubber grips on the side make it difficult to fit into your pants, and since there is no top covering, if you drop it on the top, it will still crack/scratch the top of your iPod. Also, it is very hard to get your iPod out of the case if you wanted to clean it. With the clip on the back of the case with the iPod, it will make your iPod very vulnerable to screen scuffs ( happened to me and it is very annoying ) mainly because it sticks out so far. This is a good case, but for $30 you might want to think twice.

Somewhat Recommended.

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