Monday, October 30, 2006

Hardware Review ( iPod Video 30 GB )

The iPod video has made the most significant generation leap for the iPod. The iPod video features ( of course ) video playback, as well as a thinner design, a color screen, ability to add pictures, more space, and a lower price tag. My review.

Pros: Solid amount of space for the average iPodder; Nice color/size screen; Pretty thin; Several capabilities; Pretty affordable price nowadays.

Cons: Scratches easily; Battery doesn't last nearly as long as it says; When watching videos, the battery life drains quickly.

Other than those cons, there is nothing at all bad about the iPod. It's a great thing to have for a music lover. And for the best experience, get the iPod video. And don't fear a new design; the only thing they can do now is add more GB's, make the design a bit thinner, and possibly ( if they can ) add a camera. (Which would be cool ). The iPod video is well worth the price, especially with the fact that the price has dropped so drastically in the last year.


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