Monday, October 02, 2006

Game Review (DOOM - 360 Arcade)

DOOM has been one of the most popular first-person shooters ever. DOOM has recently slipped into the Xbox Live Arcade on the 360, and this is my review. ( Nylon or regular? )

Graphics: 3.5/5 Pretty stale graphics, but you can't expect much more. This is an old, OLD game just reformatted to HD stylized graphics. Nothing spectacular here.

Sound: 4.5/5 Synthesizers never sounded better. The music in this game is great. So super catchy - just as it always was. The guns sound alright, and the deaths sound good. Good sound indeed.

Control: 4/5 DOOM never did have the greatest controls, but they work alright. Like in the original, you can not look up and down; only left and right, and to shoot something, your gun has to be aiming at it ( obviously ). Online, the lag really makes the control difficult ( Lag? On DOOM? Yes. )

Fun: 4/5 DOOM is definitely one of the best games in the 360 Arcade right now. Sure, there are great games like Geometry Wars, Uno, Gauntlet, and so on, but there are no shooters quite like DOOM. The online play is pretty good; there is a stat counter for kills and deaths, and then a record scoreboard for time spent in single player, and the best players in Co-op. That's right; you can play with up to four players in co-op mode. It's all in good fun. All-in-all, DOOM is still a great game. The lag somewhat destroys the online play at times, and more than four players in Xbox Live and teams would have been cool, but DOOM costs 800 points. It should be 400, but oh well. Buy DOOM.


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