Monday, October 30, 2006

iTunes TV Show Review ( Drake and Josh - Season 1 )

Cost: $11.94 ( Whole season )
$1.99 ( Per episode )

Drake and Josh is a really, really good show. I only watch Nickelodeon because of Drake and Josh. It's full of jokes, and a large audience of people can watch this show. It does, however, seem to rip off the show Seinfeld at times: ( Such as the infamous "Newman!" Seinfeld uses when he sees Newman, in Drake and Josh Josh says "Meghan!" ) this is still well worth buying. Some of the jokes in season 1 are pathetic, but others are good. This season has the great episode Grammy; one of my favorites. My review.

Pilot: 4.5/5 Josh reveals that he is Miss Nancy, and Drake goes out with a girl who wrote a letter to "Miss Nancy".

Two Idiots and a Baby: 4/5 Drake and Josh are left alone to take care of a baby; but Drake has a concert.

First Crush: 4/5 Josh falls in love with a girl and mistakenly tells her he can play guitar. Drake tries to help Josh learn.

Grammy: 5/5 Josh's Grandma comes to babysit Drake and Josh. Grammy and Drake get on eachother's bad sides.

Dune Buggy: 4.5/5 Drake and Josh get a dune buggy from Trevor and fix it up. They are told not to drive it, but Drake does anyways, and gets hurt.

Believe Me, Brother: 5/5 Drake has a girlfriend that won't admit she has a thing for Josh.

I repeat; buy this season. It's not as good as some of the later seasons, but it gets by. It's well worth purchasing. It also ( like all iTune videos ) has a crystal clear picture.

P.S. Where's season's 2 and 3?


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