Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Game Review ( Guitar Hero II - PS2 )

Guitar Hero II was finally released on November 7th, and I couldn't play it enough. Guitar Hero II has several Pro's and a few Con's.

PROs - Much better multiplayer, real good song track, easier hammer-ons and pull-offs, ability to practice any song, overall much more fun.

CONs - Not a "real" multiplayer career mode, could be more songs, a bit harder this time around.

Graphics: 4/5 The graphics are certainly not the games high point. The graphics are cartoonish but they look great and fit well with the style of the game. The graphics aren't great, but they work fine enough. You aren't even paying attention to the graphics; you're just jamming. You wouldn't know the difference if there was actually a band on a stage playing or richard simmons exercising.

Sound: 5/5 The sound is amazing. Almost every song sounds spot on with the real thing, but there are a few exceptions. Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" doesn't sound much like Cobain, and "Sweet Child 'O Mine" doesn't quite have Axel's voice; either way, it's close enough, and it sounds great overall.

Control: 5/5 Everyone knows the control in this game. You pick from easy, medium, hard, or expert depending on how good you are, and then you're off. You look like a loser playing Guitar Hero, but it feels like you're playing a real guitar ( in a way ).

Fun: 5/5 This is a better game than the first in that it has improved graphics, more characters, more songs ( some people think it has better songs ), much better multiplayer, and it has useful practice mode. If you are a fan of Guitar Hero I, it goes without my review that you need to buy Guitar Hero II. It's Guitar Hero I and much more.


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