Sunday, November 19, 2006

Game Review ( Gears of War - 360 )

Gears of War has been highly anticipated since the Xbox 360 was launched. At first I had no real interest in this game, but I rented it to try it out.

Graphics: 5/5 Gears of War has an unprecedented amount of detail. It is easily the best looking console game ever, and the game looks unbelievable even on a standard TV. The enviroments look awesome, the character models are great, and the gore is pretty rad. The body parts that roll around ( including the brain ) is sweet.

Sound: 4/5 The voice overs are pretty good, but nothing special. The real good sound comes from when you use a chainsaw to finish a guy off. From the chainsaw ripping into his body to the poor guys screams when he is getting mutilated. The guns sound good, too. The Locusts actually do sound pretty creepy.

Control: 4/5 The creators made it very easy to manuever in Gears of War. For the most part, it plays like any other shooter on the Xbox 360, but you can simply take cover and move positions just by pressing A. There are some control problems, though, because when you are doing this, there are times where your guy won't go the way you wanted him too. Also, when you are in sprint mode, you may occasionally get stuck on something you didn't want to and you will get pelted with bullets. Either way, this game controls well.

Fun: 5/5 Gears of War is just hands down the best game on the 360, and one of the best ( if not the best ) 3rd person shooters of all time. Gears of War has its problems, and there are things that could have been added, ( Capture the Flag, more maps as there are under ten online ) but you can expect maps to show up in the Xbox Live Market Place. Also, this is easily the best Xbox Live game to date; featuring a ranked mode and unranked "player match" to just play for kicks, and there are great in-depth stats to show you how you've progressed. If there is one game you want to get for your 360, make sure you make it Gears of War for this holiday.


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