Friday, July 31, 2009

My Wisdom Tooth Extraction Experience

The day was July 30th 2009 - extraction day. I walked into the dentist's office to sign in and my mom quickly found out that instead of our insurance covering 80% of the surgery, it would only cover about 50%. My mom was pretty pissed, and had to charge about $860 to her credit card. Then we sat in the waiting room, for about five to ten minutes... I forget, I was just really anxious. Then a woman came out with a "goody bag" as she called it, and handed it to my mom while explaining what was inside. After that, I was taken back, and laid in a chair. The same woman asked if I wanted laughing gas. I reluctantly said yes, and didn't mind it for a little while, until I started feeling a little awkward, at which point I took it off... I just didn't like the feeling. A few minutes later, the surgeon came in with the anesthesiologist. I got monitors put on my chest and index finger, and I started to feel a little more anxious. At that point, the surgeon asked me how I felt, and I replied, "I'm just a little anxious." he exclaimed that was completely normal, and he continued to work on the IV. He put the needle in my arm, which was barely a pinch, taped the needle down, and turned on the juice. I asked him, "Will I fall asleep in a few seconds?" and he said, "It will probably be more like a minute." I really don't remember a single thing after that. It was like they say everywhere - in what seemed like a blink, I woke up to a nurse putting lip balm on my lips saying they were chapped... then I remember a few other sketchy scenes. For instance, me attempting to stand up and nearly collapsing. I was given a wheelchair, and wheeled out to my car. From then on, I regained full conciousness.

On the way home, my mom stopped at CVS and picked up chocolate milk, vanilla ice cream, and root beer float ice cream, as well as put in my prescriptions, which included Amoxocillin (the antibiotic I used as a precaution to a possible infection) Vicodin, (a painkiller, of course) and Ibuprofen. (Which is mainly an anti-inflammatory, but it has some painkiller stuff in it. It's basic name is Motrin.) When I got home, my chin, bottom lip, and ears were all completely numb. It was difficult, but I managed to have ice cream and take my meds.

Currently, I'm laying in bed at 1:36 A.M. on day one. I feel alright, but my bottom right extraction area is not feeling too good. While the other three seem to be doing great, this one is having issues. First, when I look at it, it seems to be the only one that has a little hole - gasp - like a dry socket. It also continuously keeps bleeding, even if I use gauze... it doesn't seem to want to clot. I'll see what happens tomorrow, and if the blood doesn't clot and I keep bleeding, I'll likely have to go back to the dentist/surgeon... I don't know what they'll have to do - maybe stitch it or give me clove oil gauze - but I'm not expecting anything too bad. I think I've been through the worst part, and it really wasn't even all that bad. I was really anxious about the whole fact that I'd be asleep during the procedure, paranoid about not knowing what would happen, if I'd wake up, if I'd have an allergic reaction, all that nonsense. Well, everything went fine... so far.

A couple hours ago my surgeon called me on the phone, Dr. Schneider, and asked how I was doing. I said I was fine, (which I am, not really lying.) and he just said that while today may have been painful, tomorrow will be worse, and I'd only get better from then on. While this is true, that's only true if you DON'T have a dry socket... which I think I may... but it's too early to tell. I'll keep you updated.

4/17/13 Update: Yeah, it's been almost FOUR YEARS since I got my wisdom teeth out, but for anybody that reads this, I know how annoying it is to read an article or post that says "I'll keep you updated." and see no response. It's been a long time, but better WAYWAY late than never.

Basically, getting them out sucked, but it wasn't the worst thing ever. I couldn't completely open my jaw for about a week or so, and I was extremely cautious about what I ate, but the Vicodin helped with the pain considerably. I didn't get a dry socket like I was scared of getting, either. Basically, getting your wisdom teeth out can be a kind of scary experience, but a lot of the stress is taken out of the equation when you get put under. If you're scared of getting them out, don't be. I had teeth extracted when I was about ten years old because I had extra adult teeth, and I needed them out before getting braces -- I was awake for that, and while I was numb for awhile and in minor pain, I survived that too.


Angie said...

having a tooth extraction procedure is really painful, this is what I experienced and all that I did is to keep calm and keep thinking that it will only last for a few hours. Then after which, I was glad with the result and I'm happy that I overcome my fear.

Fred Collinsworth said...

Ouch! Tooth extraction can be really painful. This is the reason why kids fear dentists. The wisdom tooth extraction was probably really painful. But it was good that you fell asleep during the procedure. That kept you from feeling the pain of the procedure.

Eugenie Velasquez said...

I feel you, buddy. When I was at that stage, I really felt uncomfortable and nervous. It’s a good thing that my mom and dad were there to cheer me up. After the surgery, I my mouth still felt sore. My dentist said it was normal, and recommended me a saline solution mouth wash.