Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Gun Review ( M82 Double Eagle )

Price: $30-$40
Where: Amazon and other online retailers.
Sucks for: Marc Fennell
Because: He can't have one

I got this gun from Amazon.com and got it a few days later only paying a little bit for shipping. Out of the box I wasn't expecting anything unexpected - I had seen unboxings and reviews on YouTube. Basically, you get the gun, which looks great, has some weight to it, (only because concrete or metal was added for the "realistic effect") and feels nice, and a bunch of other litle things. First, you get a suppresor/silencer that doesn't do anything for quieting the gun itself, but enhancing how the gun looks in my opinion. Then you have the ACOG scope which really is crap. While it also enhances the appearance, like any of the other attatchments, to try and actually use it would be stupid. Another thing you get is a flash light that is actually pretty cool. People have complained in reviews about leaky batteries but O haven't had a problem with that, and the light is just bright and functions pretty well. Another attachment is the grip, which is all plastic. It doesn't do anything either, since the gun has no recoil to begin with obviously, but it's more comfortable to hold than the jagged rail without attachments on it. Finally, the last extra you get, and byfar the worst, is the laser. Why is this? For one thing, you basically have to build and put it on your gun yourself, which takes about a half hour, just to find out that it doesn't even work, and the "instructions" are pigeon English no one could ever understand. Pretty crappy.

Anyway, more about the guns visuals. The M82 is a take on a 552 Commando, and looks a lot like it, and is a 1:1 scale. There is also a foldable stock. I don't know what good that is because I'm a BB gun n00b, but I'll assume it's for storage. The clip you get with this gun is basically crap. It works fine, but it holds an abysmal 30-35 rounds, which is basically an F on an Airsoft gun's mag capacity report card unless it's a sniper or pistol. You will definitely want to buy a few spare clips, which cost only $5-$10 each. The battery you get to charge this thing is sort of also a pain. It's pretty fragile, and it's moderately frustrating trying to get it out of its covering. It also takes about 2-3 hours to charge and lasts for a good while.

Now, how the gun performs. I charged this up and took it outisde not expecting much. I shot a few rounds, I came to a quick conclusion that this gun has very inconsistent accuracy. Was I surprised? Of course not. After all, so paid only $35 for this thing. As I explained earlier, the clip empties in seconds, and can take up to about two minutes to reload. You get a "speed loader" with the gun, but it's like loading up a Civil War style musket, and it still takes a little while, which leads me to remind you wain that you should get an extra mag or two or three if you get this gun. There is also a hop-up feature as well as normal on this gun, but I saw virtually no difference between the two, so I peace mine on normal. Speaking of features, there is a safe, single shot automatic, and full automatic feature on this gun. Now while talking about SHOOTING the gun, let me tell you about the BB's you get with this gun - complete crap. I'm not sure if they are .12 or .20, but they break if you hit anything thats not somewhat cushy, I.E. a human or a couch. I managed to split a BB in half Davy Crockett style when I shot at a candle holder thing.

After this long review of M82 Double Eale bashing, I close by saying that this gun is well worth a purchase for first time buyers of an automatic airsoft gun, or someone who wants a decent gun for backyard wars. It's cheap in price, not all-too cheap in quality, looks really cool, and could easily be used as a prop in a video if you do that sort of thing. I haven't used the Double Eagle M83 or M85, but I know they look like an M4/M16 and G36C respectively. If you want any more info send me a message on XBL. My tag is in the right column.


Pros: Looks great, feels nice, cool attachments FTMP, cheap in price.
Cons: The attachments really are all useless, it's all plastic, won't last a long time most likely.

Other information: Uses 6mm BB's, .20g recommended, 240-260 FPS.

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