Sunday, July 05, 2009

Food Review ( Taco Bell's Cheesy Potato Bacon Burrito )

Taco Bell has come out with yet another limited time item - this time around, there's BACON! Today I got this burrito after seeing a commercial for it yesterday. I must say, I wasn't impressed. For one thing, the burrito tasted like it was VERY salty. Also, there wasn't much bacon to be tasted. The texture overall wasn't very pleasent, either. It seemed as if the bacon kept getting stuck in my tonsils. Basically, it's a shame this burrito turned out the way it did. I once thought bacon made virtually everything better... I may have to rethink that.


Pros: Bacon...!, different.
Cons: The bacon isn't great, the flavor is that of mostly saltiness.

I would probably not buy this again. However, I would recommend at least TRYING it. It's cheap, and worlds different than the traditional Taco Bell flavor.

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Julie said...

Do you know where I can find the tv commercial of it?