Monday, July 06, 2009

Food Review ( Wendy's Buffalo, Asian, and BBQ boneless wings )

They had these awhile back and I am GLAD it has made its return.

Buffalo: 4.75/5 Mmm. Delicious. Add a little blue cheese and you'd think you were at a sit-in restaurant. Very tasty, although I don't recommend taking a whiff of them. It will clear your sinuses big time.

Honey BBQ: 4/5 Not the best flavor of sauce, and there was almost a milky after taste. Definitely my least favorite, but still pretty good.

Asian: 4.75/5 One tasty meal. The sweet and spicy combo makes this one the best of the three - slightly better than the buffalo. If you get any, and can take a LITTLE heat, this is the one you should go with.

It sucks that these are limited time only, but hey, maybe they'll become a mainstay like the Volcano Taco at Taco Bell. (Crying shame Taco Bell discontinued the Spicy Chicken Burrito.)

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