Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hardware Review (Sony Vaio NW150J Laptop)

I got this laptop a couple days ago after realizing I had enough graduation money to get it, and read a lot of positive reviews. There are a few things about this laptop I dislike, but mostly, I'm pleased. First, it costs $799 at Best Buy, but you'll end up spending about $1000 if you get Anti-Virus, taxes, and a warranty. That's a decent deal for this thing, and it has a Blu-Ray player for the same price as a similar laptop by Sony. Here's the catch - that laptop was preloaded with Microsoft Office, but it didn't have a Blu-Ray player. The laptop screen itself is something like 720P, and the Blu-Ray discs look very good on it. One pretty big downfall is the fact that the audio/video sync gets screwed up every now and then. How do you fix it? Pause and play, or stop and play. Sort of annoying, but easy to fix.

The screen itself is, I believe, 15.5 inches, which is great for me. i just like a big screen on a laptop. The keyboard is probably the best I've ever used on a laptop. The keys are raised as if it were a desktop's keyboard, and it's much easier for me to type quick and efficiently.

The HDD is about 320GB, I forget the exact amount, and the RAM is a very nice 3.8 GB. While mostly everything about this laptop is great, there are a few flaws. The audio/video sync as I stated earlier is one thing, and the other two are as follows. First, the battery is SUPPOSED to last 5 hours according to the advertisement. It actually lasts a little over 2. Now THAT is serious false advertising. The BIGGEST flaw about this laptop, and the reason why I think this laptop was only $799, is the terrible video card. I went to systemrequirementslab.com and found out that I can't run very many new-age games because my videocard is just crap. The worst part? It is NOT replacable. Sony soldered the puppy in, so it's permanent. A definite bummer if you plan on using your laptop for games as I planned to. Guess I should have looked into it more.

Overall, the Sony Vaio NW150J/S laptop is pretty much ideal if you are business person. Weighs a little over 6 pounds, looks great, has a blu-ray player for potential trips to wherever, and it's a very reasonable price. I have only had it for maybe half a week, but so far, no problems, and a good amount of praise. Worth a look into.


Pros: Lots of RAM, big screen, nice looking, nice keyboard, Blu-Ray!

Cons: Terrible irreplaceable video card, false advertising about the battery which is pretty poor, audio/video sync is occasionally off on Blu-Ray movies.

???: I'll never get over this... why can't the video card be swapped!?


Anonymous said...

i also bought this notebook but i am really upset with its battery performance. i cant use more than 2 hours when it is unplugged although they say that it longs upto 5.5 hours in the advertisements.

Unknown said...

I bought this computer thinking of using it at school on batteries, was really careful with the charges and everything, just to be fooled with a 2 hour battery life. What a shame, Sony... What a shame!

Meatwad555 said...

Sony laptops suck...