Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Game Review ( World Series MLB Baseball - App Store )

Graphics: 3.25/5 3D graphics, some pretty nice animation, but there isn't much. characters look nothing like their ownselves, and there are only 4 generic parks to play in. at least we get official MLB jersies.

Sound: ?/5 Cant say, honestly because I didn't listen. I would think it'sprobably pretty generic and bland though, andwith no commentary.

Control: 4/5 Many reviewers despised the control, but i think it's pretty cool. you tilt your iPod/iPhone to bat and pitch. my only itch is with the fact that theball travels SUPERslow to the plate and it can end up in you striking out a bunch. My first game, though, I won 5-2 with 20 hits.

Fun: 3/5 There are a lot of things hinting at the developers laziness and lack of money. Only four stadiums, no ability to steal bases, a pointless season mode that tracks only your wins and losses, and apparently the MLBPA didn't want in on this game. AKA, there are NO player names which is probably the biggest problem with this game to me. Every player is simply called by position. (And pitchers are named "Starting pitcher", etc.) I do like a few things about this game. There is no fielding that the player controls except the runners - thank god. the fielding would probably be a bitch. If you want to play a baseball game on your iPod, get 9 Inning Baseball '09. it's cheaper and more fun, even if it doesn't have MLB teams.


Would not recommend purchasing for its current price of $6.99 unless there is a BIG update.

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