Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Review (3,5,7 layer nachos from Taco Bell)

These came out awhile ago but I just now decided, "I really do have no life. Maybe I'll start reviewing "limited time" things from certain fast food restaurants. Off we go.

Three Layer Nachos: 4.75/5 For only 79 cents, you get nachos that have Taco Bell sauce, cheese, and beans on them. Very good, and not overwhelming. May very well be the best of the three nachos I can tell you right now.

Five Layer Nachos: 4.5/5 For a measly ten cents more, you can get the five layer nachos, which have what the three layer nachos have, including a Monterrey jack cheese and meat.

Seven Layer Nachos: 4/5 And for ten cents more than the five layer nachos are the over-done and not-so-yummy seven layer nachos. They have what the five layer nachos have plus sour cream and guacamole. The reason I don't care much for these nachos is that there is simply too much stuff on them, and not enough chips.

Overall, I strongly recommend the three and five layer nachos over the seven. Not to mention the Taco Bell guacamole is pretty runny and doesn't taste that great. Still, to get all three of these nachos for under $3 is a great value.

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