Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Review ( Big Mac vs. Whopper )

It's been a very long debate - which is better? A Big Mac or a Whopper? I know there are many people that are saying, "Fast food burgers are disgusting", and frankly, if you're one of them, get the fuck out. But for those that are wondering what my take is, I can tell you for the most part it depends on what mood you're in. Overall, though, I'd say Big Mac is better than the regular Whopper. Ask me in the past, I'd probably say a Whopper was better than a Big Mac. I pick Big Mac because it's just more different than a Whopper is from a, say, Wendy's burger, in that they have the same contents. Not every hamburger has a thousand-island-like secret sauce. However, I'd probably say the Angry Whopper is better than the Big Mac.

Verdict: Big Mac

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