Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Food Review ( Carne asada chipotle taco salad from Taco Bell )

I can just say off the bat I am more than unimpressed with this Taco Salad. For one thing, it is $5 - probably because of the fact "steak" is in it. That's all fine and good. Anyway, this is what this thing is if you don't know what a taco salad is. A taco shell, with beans and rice on the bottom, followed by a decent amount of steak, a LOT of lettuce, a few sprinklings of cheese, and a chipotle dressing. At 'only' 960 calories, this thing is of pretty decent size. My main problem is that it just isn't worth the $5 when there are several better things you can get off the 79, 89, 99c menus. Also, the chipotle just doesn't taste that great. It's hard to recommend - I don't think I'd be willing to buy this again.

Not recommended.
3/5 (Good to try once, maybe.)

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