Friday, June 29, 2007

Game Review ( Rainbow Six Vegas: Red Edition - 360 )

The "Red Pack" was released April 18th and I just thought I'd review it along with the Black Pack.


The Red Pack costs 800 MSP ( $10 ) and features two new modes, Assassination and Conquest. In Assassination, the defending team has to extract a VIP ( Who is randomly chosen among the group of players on that team ) to one of two extraction points. In Conquest, you have to capture satelites. There are three on each map, and whoever gets to the set score first wins the match. The pack also includes 3 new maps: "Doscala Restaurant" , "Marshalling Yard" , and "Roofs", and two old maps dubbed "Redux". Border Town and Killhouse get re designed, but you can still play the original version of each both maps.


Assassination: 5/5 A fantastic new mode. It's quite unoriginal, but it's perfect for R6V. But why does the VIP look like Dr. Phil?

Conquest: 4/5 A solid addition. Not many people play Conquest, but it's a pretty cool mode, but it's nothing special.


Doscala Restaurant: 5/5 One of the BEST maps in the whole game. Doscala Restaurant is what it is - an Italian restaurant inside Las Vegas. On this map, there is the whole restaurant, a mini-casino, and you can go outside the restaurant onto the streets and into a parking garage. Amazing map - one of the best, if not the best map in the game. Map Size: Small/Medium

Marshalling Yard: 4/5 Marshalling Yard is basically a a train station with a lot of buildings around. It's a good map, but a lot better with a lot of people. There is no real mode that works best with Marshalling Yard, but I'd say Assassination plays well on it. Map Size: Very Big

Roof: 3.5/5 Just another one of "these". Roof is almost like the map designers threw Presidio and Kill House into one. ( Of course, Presidio was released in the Black pack, but still... ) A pretty boring map. Map Size: Pretty Small

Border Town (Redux): 3.75/5 Border Town is the first of two Redux maps in this pack. The map is a little bit different - it takes place at a different time of day, and one of the spawns changed drastically. I wasn't a fan of Border Town to begin with, and Border Town Redux isn't much better. Map Size: Medium/Big

Killhouse (Redux): 4.25/5 Killhouse - my least favorite Vegas map finally gets redone. Killhouse Redux is about a million times better than the original. It's essentially the same exact map, but there are blue skies, and it's easier to see opponents on the map - this is the way Killhouse should have been from the start. Map Size: Small/Medium


And that's my review of Vegas: Red Edition. It has two new modes, and some new maps, but only some of the maps are really a lot of fun. Still, Vegas: Red Edition is well worth $10.


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