Saturday, June 23, 2007

Game Review ( Cartoon Network Racing - DS )

Graphics: 3/5 While the characters look pretty good, most of the tracks are ugly, boring, random, and uninspired. There are some tracks that are based off of TV shows in Cartoon Network, but very few. Only average graphics.

Sound: 2.5/5 Some sample clips of what seem to be the real actors doing voiceovers in this game, but that's about it. There is very annoying and repetetive background music on the tracks too.

Control: 3/5 Hold down A for about 6 minutes for each track, 4 times until the tournament is over. That's about it.

Fun: 3/5 It's hard to recommend this game. There are two mini games that are pretty fun. ( One where you sketch Cartoon Network characters, one that's shuffleboard ) The game is just really missing a lot of what's really neccessary in a good racing game nowadays. The maps for the most part are boring and the weapons are shear ripoffs of the Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing series. There are a lot of unlockables, though - there are SEVERAL unlockable racers, two minigames, some episodes of TV shows, and more. Cartoon Network Racing is really only worth a rental, and only maybe a buy for hardcore Cartoon Network fans, or little kids.


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