Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Game Review ( Rainbow Six Vegas: Black Edition - 360 )

The Rainbow Six Vegas: Black Edition pack was released 6/26, and for whatever reason, it has been pulled off of the marketplace. Temporarily, or forever, no one knows right now, but this is my review for those of you who didn't get the chance to download it.


Red Lotus: 5/5 Why not review the best map first? Red Lotus is the best map of the five in my opinion, and one of the best in the game. If you played single player, Red Lotus is that giant red casino you play in. Another fantastic thing about this map is that there's an outside to the map where you can see Fremont Street - it's just too bad you can't go in there. Map size = Medium

Wartown: 4.5/5 Wartown is another great map. The thing some people may not like about it is its gargantuan size - this is easily the biggest map in R6V. The BEST thing about this map is that it... looks like a Wartown - it looks like something straight out of a Call of Duty game. Map size = HUUUGE!

Neon Graveyard: 4.5/5 Another great map here, too. Neon Graveyard is a pretty big map, but there are a lot of different places to go. There's a shack, a building, and a whole outside strip great for shoot outs. This map is good for Conquest. Map size = Somewhat big

Presidio: 3.75/5 One of the worst Vegas maps - Presidio is a map from Rainbow Six 3. This map looks to me basically like another Kill House. Presidio is a small map, and a repetetive map. Not very fun. Map size = Small

Streets: Redux: 4/5 Streets is a very popular R6V map, and it has gotten a re-do. In Streets: Redux, ( Or as I call it: Streedux ) the map is just about 100% the same, still the same map, just night time. I personally didn't like Streets that much to begin with, and I dislike night maps, but this one is actually pretty good.


There you have it. My review of R6V:BE. As most people know, it costs 800 MSP ( $10 ) and it is WORTH it. If you're a Vegas fan, that means you have already downloaded it, ( most likely ) and even if you're NOT that big of a fan, this pack will definitely add to the longevity. So everyone make sure when the pack comes available again to download it.


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