Sunday, March 25, 2012

Game Review (Hanging With Friends - App Store)

Hanging With Friends (HWF) is a guessing game. You go one-on-one with a friend, and each of you get a slew of random tiles. You take turns churning out a word, while guessing what your friend put down. You each start with five balloons -- whenever a person guesses a word incorrectly, a balloon pops. The last player with balloons is the winner.

Simple, yet potentially addicting. I liken this game to Wheel of Fortune without the fortune wheel. Instead, the fortune here is not popping all of your balloons and falling to an untimely death. HWF is yet another fun little "With Friends" game made by Zynga, and it should be an insta-download if you own an iPhone, or even an iPod Touch.


(Not rated higher only because it seems that there is only one theme to play on, and you need to spend cash to get new characters, balloons, etc.)

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