Sunday, March 25, 2012

Game Review (Draw Something - App Store)

Draw Something is a game by omgpop, identical to their on-the-website game called Draw My Thing. It's available on the App Store with advertisements for free, or ad-free for 99 cents.

Having played Draw My Thing on, I knew what to expect when downloading this game. All this game is is a game of Pictionary, where you and a friend take turns guessing each others pictures to earn coins, which you can use to get bombs (used to get new words to draw, delete letters when making a guess at a word) or buy more colors to draw with.

Draw My Thing is as fun of a game as you'd think, but it's not without problems. First, you don't even get all the colors of the rainbow when you first start the game. A few colors I know you don't start off with that can be imperative when trying to draw certain pictures are green, brown, and purple. How are you supposed to draw the statue of liberty accurately without the color green? Fortunately though, if you buy the game, you at least get 400 bonus coins to purchase a color pack.

I'd recommend downloading this if you like quick one to two-minute games with friends. And even though Draw Something is lacking in a few places, it seems that with an update that'll be out soon, many issues will be fixed - only making this game even better. For what it it is, and the price that it is, you can't go wrong. This game is drawsome.


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