Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Game Review ( skate. - 360 )

Graphics: 4/5 Nothing too special here. The cutscenes don't look much better than the game itself, and the graphics aren't going to blow your mind. They look good, pretty decently next gen, and the levels are pretty big. One thing that really drags this game are the constant load times. When you fail an event, it has to reload, and while it doesn't take a long time, they are pretty frequent.

Sound: 5/5 EA does it again. The songs in this game are for the most part perfect for the game, although some songs have been in past Tony Hawk games. "Express Yourself" was bad enough in Tony Hawk. Blah. The voice overs are pretty good, and the skateboard sounds are excellent.

Control: 4.25/5 The "flick-it" feature is what makes this game so much different than the Tony Hawk series. With flick-it, you need to use the right stick to do all of the flip tricks in the game. It takes awhile to get used to, but once you learn the controls really well, nailing combos is really satisfying - and fun.

Fun: 4.5/5 I can see why this game got mixed reviews. I like it though. I didn't play too much online, but I played enough to see that there is a LOT of lag. You can upload videos and pictures to skate. TV, which is cool. There are a ton of cool levels in this game, too. skate. is a love it or hate it game if you ask me. This is a good step away from Tony Hawk's insanely unrealistic games. While the ability to edit your videos is cool, there aren't really enough options to get an angle you would probably want. We can only wait for a sequel - which could probably only be better than this.


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