Sunday, November 11, 2007

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 8 )

Seinfeld: Volume 8 is of course the final Seinfeld DVD, and it was released fairly recently on November 6th. Here's my review


[*] Indicates an "Epicsode"

[*]The Buttershave: 5/5 Kramer starts using butter to shave, and Newman acts semi-cannibalistic towards him; George is thought of as disabled at his new job.

[*]The Voice: 5/5 George's employeer finds out he's not actually disabled; Jerry makes a voice in reference to his girlfriend's stomach; Kramer hires an intern.

The Serenity Now: 4.25/5 Kramer installs a new screen door to his apartment; Elaine is kissed by Mr. Lippman's son.

[*]The Blood: 4.75/5 George combines sex, food, an TV in one; Jerry gets a little bit of Kramer.

The Junk Mail: 4/5 Kramer protests mail; Elaine meets a dream man while she's with Puddy; George's parents set him loose.

[*]The Merv Griffin Show: 5/5 Kramer sets up the Merv Griffen Show set in his apartment; George's girlfriend gets mad at him for running over pigeons; Jerry drugs his girlfriend to play with her Dad's classic toys.

The Slicer: 3.75/5 Kramer gets a new meat slicer which Elaine dings; Jerry tries to break up with his girlfriend; George tries to get taken out of a picture.

[*]The Betrayal: 4.5/5 Kramer tries to reverse a "drop dead" curse; Elaine flies to India for Sue Ellen's wedding.

The Apology: 4/5 George expects an apology; Jerry's girlfriend likes to walk around naked and Jerry gets sick of it; Kramer changes his daily routine.

[*]The Strike: 4.5/5 Kramer returns to his bagel job that he went on strike at 12 years earlier; Kramer gets interested in Festivus; Jerry, Elaine, and George go to a Chanukah party.

[*]The Dealership: 5/5 Jerry tries to get a car at a dealership via Puddy; Kramer and a salesman see how far they can drive a car on a single tank of gas; George gets mad at a meschanic for stealing his Twix bar.

[*]The Reverse Peephole: 4.5/5 Kramer and Newman reverse peepholes an apartment doors; Jerry goes without a wallet; George has to pay for a chair alone.

The Cartoon: 4.25/5 Elaine obsesses over a cartoon; Jerry is at odds with Susan's former roommate, Elaine and Kramer believe George's girlfriend looks like Jerry.

The Strong Box: 4/5 Jerry buys Jerry Lewis's cufflinks; Kramer gets a strongbox; George can't break up with his girlfriend.

[*]The Wizard: 4.5/5 Kramer runs for condo president in Florida; Elaine tries to find out her boyfriend's race; George lies to the Ross's about a house he has in Hampton.

The Burning: 4/5 Kramer gets ghonorreia; Elaine finds out Puddy is religious.

[*]The Bookstore: 4.5/5 George can't return a book he brought into the bathroom; Jerry covers for Uncle Leo after he steals a book from the bookstore.

[*]The Frogger: 4.5/5 George attempts to buy a Frogger machine; Elaine calls in sick to work to miss birthdays.

The Maid: 4.25/5 George tries to get a new nickname; Elaine gets messages from Kramer's fax.

[*]The Puerto Rican Day: 4.5/5 The gang leaves a Mets game early to beat traffic but get stuck in a parade.

[*]The Clip Show: 4.75/5 A clipshow reliving some of Seinfeld's greatest moments. A very well done clipshow.

The Finale: 4.25/5 I found the final episode a little disappointing. The gang ends up in jail after being convicted from not following a new good samaritan law in Massachusetts. They go to jail for a year. Not a bad episode, but it seems that a lot of characters were just thrown in the episode for little reason. Basically a clipshow, but with an actual meaning. Not a terrible ending, but a little bizarre.


Well that's it. Seinfeld's over and done with. I think Seinfeld Season 9, though, was actually one of the, if not, the best seasons in its run. There were fantastic episodes all the way through. Sure, there were some super bizarre ones in there, but that may just be what made this season so fantastic. Any sitcom fan should pick this season up along with all the others. A pretty solid ending to a fantastic television series.


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