Saturday, November 10, 2007

DVD Review ( Seinfeld: Volume 7 )

I thought I made this review a long time ago, apparently I didn't. Here it is - Seinfeld: Volume 7.


[*] Indicates a "Season Great"

The Foundation: 3.75/5 George tries to forget about Susan's death; Kramer becomes a martial arts "expert"; Jerry goes back out with Mulva, A.K.A. Dolores.

The Soul Mate: 3.75/5 Kramer falls for Jerry's girlfriend and asks Newman for advice; Elaine decides she doesn't want a baby after her friends tell her to.

[*]The Bizzaro Jerry: 5/5 Elaine hangs out with a group of people that are the exact opposite of Jerry, Kramer, and George; Jerry dates a woman with "man hands".

The Little Kicks: 4.25/5 Elaine loses respect from co-workers for her bizarre dance moves; Kramer and Jerry go to the movies with a bootlegger.

The Package: 4/5 Jerry refuses to take a package from the mailman that has no return address on it.

The Fatigues: 4/5 Jerry finds out his girlfriend has a mentor; Elaine is in charge of firing a worker, but instead promotes him.

[*]The Checks: 4.75/5 Elaine realizes her boyfriend is obsessive; Kramer tells George carpet cleaners are part of a religious cult.

[*]The Chicken Roaster: 5/5 Kramer becomes addicted to Kenny Roger's Chicken, and hides it from Jerry; George tries to cheaply get a second date.

[*]The Abstinence: 4.5/5 Kramer takes up smoking; George's girlfriend can't have sex for six weeks;.

The Andrea Doria: 3.25/5 George looks forward to moving into an apartment, but an Andrea Doria survivor gets it; Kramer and Jerry use Newman's mail storage thingy mabobber.

[*]The Little Jerry: 5/5 Kramer gets a rooster and calls him "Little Jerry"; Elaine wants her boyfriend to grow out his hair; A store owner exposes Jerry's bounced check.

The Money: 3.75/5 Jerry's parents sell their Cadillac; George's parents say they're going to move to Florida, which the Seinfeld's object.

[*]The Comeback: 5/5 Elaine and Kramer discuss Employee's Choices at the video store; George tries to think of a comeback; Jerry buys a tennis racket he thinks was used by a pro.

The Van Buren Boys: 4.25/5 Everyone seems to have problems with Jerry's girlfriend; Kramer has a run-in with "The Van Buren Boys".

The Susie: 4/5 Elaine creates an alter-ego that people believe is real.

[*]The Pothole: 4.75/5 Jerry suffers realizing he's dating a girl that uses a tooth brush that has been in the toilet; Kramer adopts a highway.

The English Patient: 4/5 Elaine hates a movie everyone seems to love.

[*]The Nap: 5/5 George constructs a desk so that he can sleep at work; Jerry gets his kitchen redone; Kramer swims in the East River.

[*]The Yada Yada: 4.5/5 Jerry wonders why his Jewish dentist makes Jewish jokes; George's girlfriend constantly uses the phrase "Yada, Yada, Yada".

The Millenium: 4.25/5 Kramer prepares early for the new millennium; Elaine changes stores to shop at; Jerry learns his girlfriend's importance of speed-dial.

[*]The Muffin Tops: 4.5/5 Mr. Lippman steals Elaine's idea of a muffin top store; Jerry shaves his chest hair; George pretends to be a tourist.

The Summer of George: 4/5 Jerry and Kramer go to the Tony awards; George takes the summer off from work.


Overall, I really disliked this season. I haven't watched the episodes for awhile, but a lot of them are very forgettable. My scores will likely change when I rewatch the season. This is probably one of the worst Seinfeld seasons ever, although it has some absolute classics, 10 of them to be exact. ( As far as "Season Greats" ) While there are quite a few slow/uninteresting episodes, there are some great episodes to spice the season up. Seinfel: Volume 7 is actually a disappointing DVD, but well worth buying to say the least.


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Van Buren Boy said...

[*]The Foundation
[*]The Little Kicks
[*]The Fatigues
[*]The Van Buren Boys

This season was awesome.